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The Art of Action - How Leaders Close the Gaps Between Plans, Actions and Results

“The Re-Engineering the Corporation of the 21st century”
Art of Action

The result of nearly ten years of research and practice, The Art of Action shows how an organisational model developed by the Prussian Army in the C19th can transform a modern company’s ability to execute strategy.

Readers’ Comments

‘The Art of Action is a must for anyone in business who takes their leadership responsibilities seriously. Stephen Bungay draws on his deep understanding of business strategy and military history and describes principles in his book that will have a real impact for those who adopt them. It is the strategic handbook of today built on the insights of yesterday. This will be compulsory reading for all my unit heads.’

Eliot Forster, CEO, Solace Pharmaceuticals

‘This is not just another book about strategy. The Art of Action does not only present a radical, counter-cultural solution to the impasse business is facing today, but is grounded in real strategic execution in a fascinating organisation. It is the ‘re-engineering the corporation’ of the 21st century. I intend to send a copy to all my clients.’

Aidan Walsh, Partner, Ernst & Young

‘All too often, strategies fail to be implemented because they do not make tough choices between priorities and therefore leave people confused. The eminently pragmatic techniques described in this book are a great way of sharpening up the thinking, the communication and the sense of accountability needed to get an organisation moving. The ideas sound simple, but they are very powerful.’

Martin Bean, Vice Chancellor, The Open University

‘Stephen Bungay’s career as CEO, management consultant and historian enable him to bring a unique clarity to leadership and the art of making strategy happen. His study of the chastened Prussian military machine analysing why it was defeated by Napoleon’s peasant army is illuminated with anecdotes from his career in business. It is this blend of evidence from the military to the business environment which makes this book so useful to the modern day practitioner!’

David Roblin, Senior Vice President, Pfizer Global R&D

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Book Review

The Most Dangerous Enemy - A History of the Battle of Britain

“Simply the best book about the Battle of Britain ever written”
The Most Dangerous Enemy

The Battle of Britain is one of the most celebrated events of the Second World War, and the literature about it is enormous. When The Most Dangerous Enemy appeared in 2000, it offered a fundamentally new view of the events of sixty years before and has now become the standard work on the subject.

Readers’ Comments

‘Of the many books that are out there about that’s summer of 1940, this one soars effortlessly above them... An astounding work and I highly recommend it.’

‘This is a masterful book and a gripping and moving story told with a particularly engaging and occasionally ironical style... For me it was a book I simply could not put down.’

‘There are so many books available on the Battle of Britain, but this is the best I've read... Everything is brilliantly explained... Buy this - it's the best history of the most important air battle, ever.’

‘This is the best book I have read on the Battle of Britain. The final chapter is the most moving chapter of history I have ever read.’

‘Yes, simply the best book about the Battle of Britain ever written.’

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The Most Dangerous Enemy - An Illustrated History of the Battle of Britain

“The new hardback is in large format, beautifully produced and lavishly illustrated”
Most Dangerous Enemy Illustrated

A new, large format, fully illustrated hardback edition issued for the 70th anniversary of the Battle.

Readers’ Comments

‘It is simply wonderful...The text has been edited and reduced from the original 2000 edition but the new version has a stack of new photos, diagrams and and is beautifully laid out.'

'The new hardback is in large format, beautifully produced and lavishly illustrated.’

‘The hardback is much easier on the eye... super.’

‘Spectacular... the quality and quantity of the photographs alone is reason enough to purchase the book... deserves to join its predecessor as the illustrated definitive work on the Battle of Britain.’

‘If you are at all interested in the Battle of Britain I don't see how you can afford to be without a copy.’

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“A must for the business leader’s bookshelf”

This is not the story of the British versus the Germans and Italians, nor the story of Rommel versus Montgomery, nor even the story of Montgomery versus Auchinleck. It is the story of a joint venture between a high performance organisation (the Afrika Korps) and a low performance organisation (the Italian Army) confronted by a mediocre organisation (the 8th Army). The mediocre organisation raised its game - and won. Find out how it did it.

Readers’ Comments

‘This is much more than an historian's account. Dr Bungay practices as a leading business strategist, and this book is a must for the business leader's bookshelf.’

‘The Most Dangerous Enemy broke new ground in military history... The deep analysis and managerial insight Bungay has brought to this work has again shown itself to be a powerful framework for gaining a revealing and fresh perspective on historical events.’

‘This is a book that tells you how it was. It portrays in vivid detail how the war in the western desert played out for all of the participants... It is a cracking good read. Whether you are a historian, military enthusiast or casual browser, the engaging style of this book will hit the mark.’

‘Stephen Bungay effectively balances the minutiae of battle logistics with the importance of the personalities involved in an always absorbing account of the North African campaign. Really readable properly done history.’

‘At last a gifted writer has realized in chilling detail the hardship, fear and suffering of those who spent and gave their lives in the merciless desert of North Africa. If you've ever wondered what desert warfare is like - you must read this book.’

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